Why work with us for battery electric light vehicles?

Our team has a long term experience with mining industries, is flexible of time critical support and has high experience of mechanical constructions for mining industry.
Our design & engineering team has acces to a wide range of available Automotive components with high quality standard, high experience to engineer a perfect interacting system from high quality components in terms of electrical-, system-, mechanical- and software-engineering, offers flexible software applications for individual customers

Our team is highly motivated and has over 8 years experience in developing battery electric mining vehicles!

Your Benefits
  • Sustainable engineering through high experience
  • Homologation ready technology from the first prototype
  • High availability though automotive standard components
  • Low Kit-Price through series components
  • Scalable conversion kit though series standard development, that is not only focused to the prototype
  • High Safety level through automotive standard components
  • High Safety level though safety software development that is focused to functionalities and malfunctions.
  • Individual safety states for mining industry (limp home modes, possibilities to have a reserve energy to get to charger even the drivers didn’t watch at the SOC)
  • Less maintenance though latest EV technology
  • Fast support at faults or spare parts
  • Products developed to customer needs
  • It doesn't stop at just the electric conversion, we deliver Turn-Key vehicles ready for action
Our vehicle design coops with the challenges in mining

•    Environmental challenges in underground
                     o    Down to -30°C on surface
                     o    Up to 45°C in Underground
                     o    High chemical load to vehicle chassis and components
                     o    High vibration and shock load to components and brackets
•    High operation time/ day needed
                     o    Smart energy concept for range and charging strategies 
                     o    Less maintenance acceptance
•    High offroad capability 
•    User-friendly, easy to use
•    Unknown technology with fear of electrical shock and fire
•    Mining specific safety concept