Mandrill Electric UTV vehicle concept

Mandrill & FD-EV work closely together to be able to offer future mobility solutions for our customers. We believe that the concept of an electric light & versatile service vehicle could be a welcoming asset to a fleet of light vehicles in mining. Ofcourse zero emissions, more flexible, less capital investment(basically 50% of an underground Landcruiser). 

Mandrill Automotive GmbH was founded in October 2021 with the primary goal of launching and establishing an independent product in the electric UTV vehicle class on the global market. In cooperation with a well-known and successful SxS Dakar Racing Team, we are currently constructing the new frame, which will also have FIA โ€‹โ€‹and street approval. For the series vehicle, Mandrill only uses certified high-volume components from Tier 1 automotive suppliers, which speaks for an extremely high quality standard. MANDRILL " the Art of Electrification"

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Mandrill M-TWO side by side Electric


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