Designing and building special 4x4 vehicles is our passion and we have been doing that for many years and always adapted to the latest vehicle technologies. For us it's obvious that we continue to do so taking our responsibility reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in partnership with our customers.
Offering not just that standard EV vehicle but Turn-Key EV solutions for 4x4 vehicles.
Vehicles like to Electric landcruiser and the Mandrill M-Two are available for the professional but also for the passionate Off-Road enthusiast!

The process starts at our customers who are in need for a special vehicle where number 1 requirement is zero emissions with all its additional advantages such as quiet drive, less heat generation, lower maintenance and operational cost.
But the EV vehicle still needs to be able to perform and offer the same solution for different trades where heavy duty 4x4 vehicles like the iconic Toyota Landcruiser with diesel engines have been in service for decades.

There is where our experienced team comes in to listen to the customer, design together with the customer and deliver the vehicle, road legal, up to the job and ready for the future.

Electric Toyota Land Cruiser

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Why an Electric Toyota Landcruiser

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