For inspections or transporting people & equipment to work on railroads.
Based on the Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series or Toyota Hilux

For operation on road and tracks
For narrow track gauge:                                     1435mm
Min. curve radius approx.:                                  80m     
Max. running speed on rail, forwards:                  50 km/h
Max. gradient, approx.:                                      50 0/00

Track-Guidance Bogie
•           Basic vehicle stands on rail with all four rubber tires
•           For standard gauge 1,435 mm
•           Accelerating and braking via all four rubber tires of the basic vehicle, acting directly on rail
•           Track guiding device is positioned in front and behind the vehicle axles
•           Axle and traverse system for connecting the guide wheels with the basic vehicle
•           Rail guards
•           Hydraulic system with pressure compensation and damping controlled from the cab
•           Hydraulic pressure monitoring in the cab
•           Optical and acoustical warning system in case of hydraulic pressure decrease
•           Hydraulic safety device to lock the track-guidance bogie in raised (= transport) position during     road operation
•           Hydraulic control block
•           Electro-hydraulic aggregate for track guiding device
•           Rail wheel diameter 200 mm
•           Guide wheel profile in accordance with customer specification
•           Manual Pump for Hydraulic System for rising, lowering and/or
depressurizing the rail guidance in case of vehicle failure.
•           Steering Lock, mechanical lock of the steering wheel in straight-ahead position during rail operation.
•           Rail Axle Monitoring, two signal lights indicating that all rail axles have been
lifted properly to road transport position

Signal Light and Warning System Export
•           Rail triple lightning white and with red rear signal
•           For both driving direction separately switchable
•           2 white low lights for both driving directions
•           1 white top light
•           Automatically engaged when switching the vehicle into rail mode