6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux

6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux 6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux 6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux 6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux 6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux 6x6 HILOAD Toyota Hilux
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Product description


The 6x6 HILOAD builds upon the capabilities of the Hilux 4x4 pickup.
In many customer applications the 4x4 quickly runs out of payload, load space and has degraded mobility.
The 6x6 HILOAD provides the solution to many of these industrial and light utility vehicle projects by boosting payload, load space and mobility.

Payload Increased to 3,000Kg

•    Payload is tripled enabling heavier permanent and temporary loads to be carried with a self levelling air-suspension system
•    Axle capacities and Front Axle Load Ratio enables fl exible load distribution

Increased Load Space

An additional 1230mm of chassis length before overhang allowance vastly increases rear load area

Improved Mobility

•    The 6x6 drivetrain with transfer box that can fully lock in 6x4 and 6x6 confi gurations.
•    Rear axle load split between 2 axles to reduce ground pressure and boost vehicle mobility

Replacement for many overly capable and expensive vehicles that are purchased for mobility capability

Replacement Chassis: Extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was under-taken to arrive at the optimum chassis rail and cross member constructions. The chassis is 10% heavier then the OEM frame it replaces with a 30% increase in stiffness profi le along its length. The chassis has a 1”(25mm) lift.
Transfer Box: The transfer box which takes the rearward drive from the OEM transfer case and splits to torque to the centre axle and rear axle using 2 prop-shafts. This transfer box contains a limited slip differential (LSD) with locking function. Automotive grade gears are used for silent running.
Driveline & Differentials: The vehicle is full-time 6x4 (centre and rear axle) both of which contain OEM LSD with locking function, when these axles are locked they are running through the LSD of the transfer box, to fully lock centre and rear axle the transfer box must also be locked. 6x6 and locking function is selected using OEM cab controls.
Front Axle: The front suspension towers, spindles and control arms can be upgraded to enable the weight rating and durability to be increased.
Rear Axles: Toyota Hilux axles are used in the centre and rear locations to maximise Toyota component use and to maximise weight carrying capacity.
Suspension: Height adjustable and load sensing air system on centre and rear axle with dampers, coils-overs-damper on front.
Braking System: OEM braking system is retained, ABS and stability functionality retained.
Environmental Protection: The chassis is subject to a 7 stage E-Coating process and is subsequently powder-coated to the required colour. Life-time perforation warranty.
Hilux Safety & Emissions Systems: These all remain in place in line with the 1st stage homologation.


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